Our Services

CKRS offers the complete range of relocation services designed to meet the diverse needs of every client.

Through fine-tuned processes and well-trained staff and consultants, we are able to deliver a consistent high quality of service from the beginning to the end of a relocation, delivered with genuine empathy and our full dedication.

Immigration Services

Our qualified team of immigration specialists have experience with every immigration challenge imaginable. They are well versed in German immigration laws and have excellent, long-standing contacts with foreign offices and local officials. And they have many years of experience with supporting the application of entry visas at Embassies all over the world.

Organization of Entry Visa

We offer customized visa application assistance which includes:

  • Completing application forms on behalf of our clients
  • Preparing corporate documents for signature
  • Advising on documentation required for the Embassy interview
  • Organizing all necessary translations
  • Advising on necessary Apostilles or Legalizations
  • Tracking and following-up on status of visa application
  • Liaising with local foreign and labor office to resolve any problems and ensure smooth/speedy processing of the application process
  • Providing feedback to client/company on progress of application

Work Permit Application

Our service includes:

  • Work permit assessments
  • Arranging equivalency evaluation of degrees for a blue card application if necessary
  • Advising on documentation required for the application
  • Organizing all necessary translations
  • Preparing corporate documents for signature
  • Tracking and following-up on status of applications to ensure smooth processing
  • Providing feedback to client/company on progress of application
  • Recording expiry dates into the CKRS warning/tracking system

Residence Permit Application

Our service includes:

  • Ensuring work permit approval is available before applying for residence permits
  • Completing application forms on behalf of our clients
  • Advising on documentation required for the application
  • Organizing all necessary translations
  • Arranging appointments at the local foreign office for our clients
  • Accompanying clients to all appointments that require their presence
  • Attending as many appointments as possible on behalf of our clients with a “power of attorney” to save our client’s time
  • Recording expiry dates in the CKRS warning/tracking system

Supervision of Expiry Dates

All expiry dates are recorded in CKRS’s warning/tracking system, allowing us to remind companies and clients of permit expiration dates and the necessary extension process in plenty of time.

Permit Renewals

CKRS reminds our clients in good time when permit validity dates are going to expire and organize the renewals, including:

  • Preparing corporate documents for signature
  • Completing extension application forms on behalf of our clients
  • Arranging appointments at the local foreign/labor office for the renewals
  • Accompanying clients to the appointments (or attending appointments on behalf of our clients with a “power of attorney” to save our client’s time)
  • Recording expiry dates in the CKRS warning/tracking system

Outbound Travel Visa

CKRS can offer express-service business trip visas (tourist and business – single/multi-entry – short and long term) for countries all over the world with emphasis on Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Belarus, USA, Brazil, UK, India and Japan. We have also worked on visas for Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Angola, Turkmenistan and Armenia.


Our team of registration specialists have decades of experience with all the necessary registration-related formalities and have excellent, long-standing contacts with all local authorities. In most cases, they are able to complete these registration formalities on behalf of our clients with a signed power-of-attorney, saving our clients valuable time and inconvenience.

Local Registration

Our service includes:

  • Completing registration forms on behalf of our clients
  • Advising on documentation required for the registration
  • Picking up all documentation from our clients and completing the registration at the local registration office on behalf of our clients (or accompanying our clients where a personal appearance is required).
  • Completing any necessary re-registrations in the same way
  • Acquisition of “police clearance certificates” if required
  • Organizing change of tax class if required

Pet Registration

CKRS will take care of all necessary pet registrations. (For example, dogs need to be registered in Germany and wear a dog tag at all times.)

Tax Identification Number

Every person who registers in Germany will automatically receive an 11 digit “Tax ID Number” from the federal central tax office approximately two weeks after being registered at the local registration office. The number stays the same for a life time.

Child Subsidy

Our service includes:

  • Advice on eligibility to receive child subsidy
  • Completing application forms on behalf of our clients
  • Advising on documentation required for the application
  • Submitting the application with the responsible authority
  • Tracking and following-up of applications to ensure smooth processing
  • Providing feedback to client/company on progress of application

Driver’s License

For holders of non-European driver’s licenses, a European driver’s license must be applied for and obtained within six months of having been registered in Germany.

Our service includes:

  • Advising clients of procedure for application and documentation required
  • Organizing all necessary translations
  • Recommending a Driving School if testing is required
  • Accompanying clients when submitting application documentation at the local driver’s license office
  • Collection of driver’s license when completed

Car Registration

Our service includes:

  • Advising clients of procedure for application and documentation required
  • Accompanying clients when submitting application documentation at the local automobile registration office and exchanging license plates
  • Organizing technical inspections if required
  • Organizing change of address on car documents

Our experienced team of service consultants have had their own relocation experiences. Coupled with their amicable, open personalities and their extensive market knowledge, our consultants possess the necessary skills and sensitivities to understand the concerns of international transferees and their families and to help them settle in smoothly and happily.

Airport Welcome

Our consultants will pick-up and meet our clients either at the airport or at their hotel for a warm welcome and an introduction to living in Germany before proceeding with any tours or property visits. Applicable guide books are given to our clients at this time, as well as other related information.

Orientation Tour

Orientation tours are designed as an “exploratory” to provide a general overview of neighborhoods, schools and housing to someone who is not sure about moving to a foreign country. These tours are tailored to the specific requirements and interests of our clients. CKRS also incorporates orientation tours into the serious home search tours because we know that having a complete understanding of the neighborhood is instrumental in deciding for a particular property.

Temporary Housing

Should our clients require temporary housing, we have a wide network of temporary accommodations that we can recommend and organize. We normally send our clients descriptions and photos of the recommended property so that they can make their decision remotely and can move straight in. We will assist in finalizing the contract or reservation confirmation and coordinate arrival times.

School and Kindergarten Search

Finding the right school is the first consideration for all transferring families. CKRS will advise on all possible school and kindergarten options and accompanies our clients on all school visits.

Home Search

We do not put any pre-set limit on the number of properties that we show during a home search, but we do spend a lot of time in the preparation and research stage in order to identify properties that meet our client’s requirements and rental allowance and to avoid wasting their time showing unsuitable properties. We start with a very detailed Home Search Questionnaire that includes essential market information, followed-up by a briefing call to discuss all requirements in relation to market realities in detail. If the supply of properties that meet our client’s requirements is very low, we explore ways of expanding their options (e.g., alternative areas, reduction in size). We accompany our clients on all property visits and review the pros and cons of each property with them in an un-biased way, assisting them with making the right choice for their particular circumstances.

Rental Contract Negotiation

Based on our decades of experience and extensive knowledge of the rental regulations, we are able to provide our clients with well-grounded advice during the rental contract negotiation, and alert them to any non-standard clauses. We also provide our clients with a detailed summary of all of the points in the contract in English so they know all of their contractual obligations and can refer to this document at any time during their tenancy. As soon as the rental contract is signed by both parties, we support the organization of the first month’s rent and security deposit prior to the hand-over of the property.

Property Take-Over

Property hand-overs are taken very seriously at CKRS! A strict and very detailed hand-over process must be followed, including the completion of a comprehensive protocol document (designed specially by CKRS based on decades of experience) used to record the exact condition of the property including the walls, floors, appliances, sanitary units, garden, etc., and the number of keys that are handed-over. Photographs are also taken of the property and the garden. This written and photo documentation is designed to protect our clients from being held responsible at the end of their tenancy for any damages that were already in the property at the time of their move-in. During the property hand-over, all utility meters are read and we register these utilities in the names of our clients, where applicable.

Utility and Insurance Registrations

We are responsible for the timely and accurate registration of all applicable utilities, including electricity, gas, water, tv/radio tax, telephone, internet, mobile phones, cable tv. We understand how essential an internet connection is and do everything within our power to make sure that the internet service is operating when our clients move in. In addition, we assist our clients with setting-up all required insurance policies, including third-party liability, household content, glass, loss of key, and pet insurance. We are also able to provide advice on the various health insurance options and assist with selecting and setting-up the most suitable health insurance plan.

Bank Account

We provide our clients with an explanation of the German banking system and advise them on the most appropriate and convenient bank for opening their bank account. We also accompany them to the bank when opening their account.

Moving-In Services

We have a distinct list of subjects to cover with our clients when they move into their new home, including an explanation of how everything works in the property; how to separate and dispose of garbage; emergency numbers and medical care information; information about an array of local amenities (grocery shops, specialty shops, farmer’s markets, restaurants, etc.); where to go for furniture/appliances; information on sports and leisure facilities; information on children’s activities; contact details for all the various networking clubs and associations. The moving-in service is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and is designed to help them get acclimated to their new environment as quickly and smoothly as possible.


When one assignment comes to an end, another one is just beginning. And when our clients are looking ahead to the challenges of their next move, our well-practiced team of move-out specialists know how to master all cancellations and the close-down of the properties at the same time. Their objective is to ensure that our client’s departure is as smooth and as easy as their arrival.

Rental Contract Termination

“End-of-assignment” dates are recorded in the CKRS warning / tracking system allowing us to flag the deadline for a rental contract cancellation notification to our clients, and protecting them from having to pay additional rental payments unnecessarily. We make sure that cancellation notifications are delivered on time and in the correct form.

Organization of Moving Company

We gather cost proposals from at least two moving companies for cost comparison and negotiating purposes, and act as the liaison between our clients and the selected moving company on scheduling the move-out dates.

Contract Terminations

We ensure that all contracts for memberships, insurances and utilities are cancelled in accordance with the end of the rental contract or end of the assignment. We are well-grounded in common cancellation terms and condition, and utilize a highly structured process for preparing, sending, and tracking the status of cancellation notifications.

Renovation Coordination

Decades of experience, a deep knowledge of rental law governing renovation requirements, and a wide network of reliable and qualified craftsmen allow CKRS to coordinate and accomplish complex refurbishment work efficiently and within tight timeframes.

Renovation-Related Negotiations

We have a strict, highly-structured process for property returns which helps alleviate disagreements and ensures that additional rent does not have to be paid due to non-completion of contractual obligations. This includes joint meetings between the tenant, landlord and suppliers to review the property in advance and to agree required works, and close supervision of the work.

Property Hand-Back

Our highly-structured process ensures a successful property return. At the property hand-back, we generate a written confirmation of the return of the property in an acceptable condition (including photos), as well as the return of all keys. The utility meters are read and a timeline for the receipt of the final utility reconciliation and the return of the security deposit is agreed with the owner.

Retrieval of Security Deposit

The timeline for the return of the security deposit is agreed with the owner at the property hand-back meeting. These dates are added to our CKRS warning / tracking system for consequent follow-up with the owner until the security deposit is returned in full.


Our very friendly and resourceful office and helpline staff are veterans at assisting our clients with any number of day-to-day questions and problems that might come up during their stay.

Family Support

CKRS can offer a variety of family support services including assistance with finding a space in a kindergarten or day care facility, organizing in-home day care and babysitters, and supporting with the application of child subsidy. These services are tailored to our client’s exact needs.

Tenancy Management

CKRS has decades of experience in tenancy management from the tenant’s perspective. This includes setting-up the monthly rental payments through electronic banking for clients with large volumes of rental properties, reviewing year-end utility reconciliations, evaluating and acting on all communications that come from the owners, organizing repairs and controlling supplier invoices, ordering heating oil, etc.

Helpline Services

Our team of resourceful staff members are there to help our clients with all kinds of questions and emergencies, from organizing an emergency plumber to finding a hairdresser. And our clients are happy to have someone to call when they need an instant translation assistance.

Legal Advice Coordination

Should it be required, we can organize suitable legal advice through English-speaking lawyers.