Our Distinction

Superior Customer Service

We believe that superior customer services can only be achieved through experience in understanding client’s needs, sensitivity in gauging client’s level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, extensive market knowledge, and the highest levels of motivation and dedication.

Personal relocation experience is a key criteria in selecting our team of staff and consultants. Since we all know ourselves what it’s like to move to a foreign country without understanding the language and without knowing how things are done, we have a much bigger heart for our client’s apprehensions.

And we make a real effort to find the “best fit” when connecting our clients with one of our service consultants. We look at nationalities, age, languages spoken, and preferred living areas before selecting a service consultant because we want our clients to be serviced by someone who truly understands their needs and who they like spending time with.

Status Tracking

CKRS has the capabilities of providing a web-based service status tracking platform to transferring assignees and to the companies.

The purpose of this platform is two-fold: (1) it gives the transferring assignee a complete overview (a listing in logical sequence) of all the services which will be delivered to them by CKRS, and (2) it provides in a clear and user-friendly format the actual delivery status for each of these services.

While international assignees have access to their own service status, assigned HR representatives can also see the service status for each of their employees. As a further benefit, this CKRS service entails a useful range of statistical information options, e.g. timeline, cost and quality assessment-related information.

Post Move-In Services

Our consultants are responsible for providing our clients with a wide range of local area information — from the location of the nearest grocery store to finding suitable doctors in the immediate neighborhood – and for following-up to ensure that any required work in the property is completed (either by the owner or through handymen recommended by CKRS) on a timely basis. This service is designed to help familiarize our clients with their new environment so they can adapt and settle-in as quickly as possible. After that, our office and helpline staff are available to provide on-going assistance with any further questions or problems that might come up during our client’s stay. We believe that continuous, competent and friendly on-going support will give our clients the added security and confidence they need to adjust quickly and happily to a foreign environment.

In addition, we organize client get-togethers on a regular basis in order to bring our clients together for further networking purposes. We select fun and interesting venues in order to introduce our clients to new places and experiences through-out their stay.

CKRS strives to provide our clients with an all-encompassing, positive relocation experience.

Quality Assurance

We employ proven strategies to ensure that the highest levels of quality service are delivered consistently:

  • Careful selection of suitable personnel and service consultants
  • Continuous coaching and monitoring of staff and consultants
  • Streamlined, uniform processes
  • Constant evaluation and up-dating of processes
  • Application of modern technologies
  • Quality scoring by clients
  • On-going staff and service consultant evaluations

And we know that when evaluating quality, it is the “perceived” facts that are most important, or how the client “feels”. That is why our staff and consultants are trained to stay closely tuned-in to our clients evolving perceptions, and to be alert to any potential issues at an early stage before they become a real problem.