Do I have to be a client of CKRS to have access to iRelocate?

Yes. iRelocate has been developed by CKRS exclusively for our clients. It is designed to provide a wealth of general market information as well as client-specific information and documents for our clients. iRelocate is not something that can be purchased separately.

Can you assist with relocation to any part of the world?

Yes. Through our world-wide network of relocation partners, we can offer the complete scope of relocation services on a global basis. In Germany as well as in the UK (greater London area), services are provided directly through the CKRS organization.

Can I come to a CKRS event if I’m not a CKRS client?

Yes. We only ask that you register in advance like all of our clients do.

Will you be able to respond quickly to a service request?

Yes. We have an extensive network of consultants who can start working at short notice.

Can you accept any other method of payment besides money transfer?

Yes. We accept non-corporate Visa and Mastercard payments.

How do you measure the quality of your service?

Service Evaluations are sent to all of our clients – either directly or via our Global Relocation Partners. The results are shared with our client companies and our team. Any necessary improvement measures are taken immediately.

How do you share information with your team of consultants to make sure everyone is up-to-date about new information?

We have an intra-net that distributes information to everyone to ensure an equal information standard across out network.