About Us

CHERYL KOENIG is an American from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She started her career in the advertising industry in NYC and was later transferred to London. Cheryl’s move to Germany triggered the idea to build a professional relocation service organization. Her international background and her own personal relocation experiences were important foundation blocks for the successful development of CKRS. Cheryl’s passion for assisting people keeps her in direct contact with clients. This way she stays on top of all market developments and prevents her from working in a “sterile” management function only. In addition to this, she is responsible for client account management, quality control, training, and human resources.

INGO KOENIG is a born-Berliner with many years of business experience in global corporations (in Germany as well as abroad). Over the years Ingo held several senior pan-European positions in customer service and marketing. At CKRS he is mainly responsible for business development, finance, legal, and technology.

SONU CHRISTIANSEN heads the London operation. She was born in Singapore and has travelled the world extensively. She started her career in the banking sector and has relocated to Singapore, Hamburg and Munich before settling with her family in London. She has been active for the CKRS group since the mid 90’s and in 2005 she used her extensive professional relocation experience in establishing our London office.

Our Values

CKRS is made up of highly motivated individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on other people’s lives through a relocation to a foreign country that they will never forget. Paramount in our way of conducting business is honesty and transparency, and everyone on our team must be committed to serving others in a genuinely compassionate way, and demonstrate the highest level of skills and professionalism at all times. In addition to honesty and transparency, independence is vital to offering optimum value and best choices to our clients. CKRS is neither directly nor indirectly affiliated with any other business concern and strictly prohibits the acceptance of any kind of “subtle advantage” (e.g. kick-backs from real estate agents). This unalterable policy allows us to focus solely on our client’s best interests.

Our Standards

On-Going Training

On-going training of our staff and service consultants is a key element of our success.
Through regular team meetings and an intranet, our staff and consultants are able to exchange new property information, new market developments and personal experiences with each other on a real-time basis. In-house training programs (utilizing both in-house and external experts) and webinars are also organized on a regular basis, covering such subjects as understanding and dealing effectively with country-specific cultural differences, changes in rental law, managing an effective first-meeting briefing call, etc.

Data security

Data security at CKRS has three pillars:

  • Confidentiality: Only authorized users have access to read and/or modify data.
  • Integrity: The CKRS system prevents unnoticed changes of data. All data modifications, additions and/or deletions are recorded, and initiators are traceable.
  • Availability: Reliable back-up systems and back-up structures ensure data and information availability.


Compliance policy

“Embracing the interests of our customers, employees and business partners with honesty, fairness and integrity is CKRS’s prerequisite for doing business.”

The strict compliance culture at CKRS demonstrates to clients, employees and suppliers the decisive importance CKRS’s management assigns to the complete application of legal and ethical rules – ultimately all actions and activities must result in a positive answer to the following questions:

  1. Is my action/decision legal?
  2. Does my action/decision comply with CKRS’s compliance policy?
  3. Is it ensured that my action/decision does not comprise any personal conflicts of interest?
  4. Will my action/decision safeguard CKRS’s reputation as a company with
    highest ethical standards?


customized reporting

Decision making is dependent on knowledge of facts. And that’s why CKRS offers its clients the provision of customized reports. This includes reporting on a regular, as well as on an “ad hoc” basis. Respective documentation could, for example, look at …

  • quality indicators,
  • financials,
  • process times.

Reports are submitted electronically, in common data formats.

Our Team in Action
Our Reach

CKRS provides its complete scope of relocation services on a global basis. In Germany as well as in the UK (greater London area), services are provided directly through the CKRS organization. In all other destination countries, CKRS works together with renowned local cooperation partners. This provides the following advantages for our clients:

  • central quality management,
  • process control,
  • reporting and
  • financial management.

A further considerable benefit for the client is CKRS’s global status monitoring system available around the clock through the CKRS website.

Our References
  • “Before the holiday season, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for supporting me and my family of all matters in the past year. We are really lucky to have you here. As foreigners from very far eastern country with very different culture and language, I could not image how I can deal with all these things without your kindly assistance. You always plan everything very well and consider things from perspective of us. That really makes the movement of my family much easier and smoother.”

    A Bayer client who moved to Leverkusen end of 2018
  • “The consultant assigned to me has been great at all times! She provided an excellent service, always helpful, highly competent, friendly, available, and kind.”

    An Italian ECB employee who moved to Frankfurt in 2018
  • “During the process from selection of apartment & other related matters in Köln I was supported by your team member (Jutta) and for this I would like to highly appreciate her efforts, patience & professionalism throughout. Right from the time she handled my case until my registration in the town hall, it was such a smooth roller coaster for me. She indeed is a great help & supported me in all the related matters along with orientation.”

    A Bayer employee who moved to Cologne in 2018
  • “Among the benefits I enjoyed while working with CKRS was a truly experienced and helpful team, support with house search and registration paper work, including communication with mobility broker, local authorities (which can be extremely important if you are, like in my case, not fluent in German!), and detailed insight into local specific stuff. I had the pleasure of being supported by the consultant Susann Hylkema, who has always been very helpful and engaged. I would definitely recommend to contact CKRS team and to ask for their support.”

    A General Motors employee who moved to Frankfurt in 2015
  • “Heike is a pleasure to work with and continues to provide support when I need it. She has made the move an exciting adventure and pleasant experience.”

    A Bayer employee who moved to Düsseldorf in 2015
  • “CKRS is fantastic. They know what they are doing and it shows.”

    An AAM client who moved to Bad Homburg in 2015
  • “I have really enjoyed the support provided by “my” consultant Caroline. She found an apartment that matched my expectations. Her support in Köln was very nice. I have contacted her with some issues in the daily life and she promptly helped me. I felt very comfortable in having her as my point of contact in Köln.”

    A Bayer employee who moved from Brazil to Cologne in 2015
  • CKRSCaring. Knowledgeable. Reliable. Superb.
    These words and many more apt descriptors come to mind when I think of CKRS.
    With CKRS I found people who cared about how we felt, were sensitive to our needs and helped us build our home away from home. They knew how to do this, with the highest level of professionalism and excellence in quality. I continually rely on them and am guided and helped whenever in need.”

    A Deutsche Bank employee who moved to Frankfurt in 2017
  • “My consultant, Manuela, was super professional – very helpful. Once we got to-gether on my housing needs, she was also able to provide a good house search tour. She is organized and she helped a lot with the move-in and internet. Also ap-preciated the help with the registrations. Very quick and professional.”

    An Opel employee who moved to Frankfurt in 2014
  • “It was – and still is – a great pleasure working together with Sonu. Thanks a lot for putting such an incredible effort into our property and for your great support, help, patience and enthusiasm. It feels very good having you on my side.”

    An employee from Robert Bosch UK relocating with his family in July 2015
  • “Thank you so much for the invitation to your lovely “Stammtisch-Party” last night. What a great atmosphere and location! Multiple people told me that the event was the highlight of their week; otherwise they mostly spend their evenings at home on calls and writing emails! Such a great idea to get us all out of the office and together for a little while. Thank you for helping to facilitate such a great event bringing people together!”

    An Athene employee who moved to Wiesbaden in 2015
  • “I have never found such a committed person, very kind, very responsible, very organized and professional, extremely involved in all my needs, and unstoppable until we managed our goal. Michaela was practically a member of my family, in terms of knowing all the details that must be fitted for the perfect installation of myself and my family in the flat. It has been a pleasure to work with her; I will miss her.”

    An ECB employee who moved to Frankfurt in 2016