Welcome to CKRS!

If you are looking for a very experienced, high quality relocation company that offers the full range of relocation services, you have landed in the right place! CKRS is a pioneer in the relocation industry and has had the great pleasure of being the “first new friend” to a huge number of remarkable people from all over the world for more than 25 years.

Our mission has always been to deliver a very caring and highly personalized service to each and every one of our clients, and not to become an “assembly line” relocation processor. At the same time, we strive to provide the most effective relocation solutions in the most cost efficient way.

You will find out more about us and the services we offer in our website. We are happy that you found us and look forward to hearing from you!

Cheryl Koenig

About us

Back in 1989 – before the common use of the internet, mobile phones, and navigation systems – the idea to build a relocation assistance organization grew out of our founder’s own difficult relocation experience and her desire to help others overcome the challenges of adapting to a foreign culture. This genuine passion for helping people continues and is the reason we have been successfully relocating people from all over the world for over 25 years.

The world is a different place since 1989 when the relocation industry was in its infancy. CKRS was one of its first pioneers and has been a leading player throughout the industry’s many stages of transformation. Today, CKRS is not only one of the top, most experienced relocation companies in Germany, we are the preferred destination service provider for many global corporations and international institutions, with a reputation for consistent high levels of quality service and reliability.

Why Relocation

Because relocation costs are very high, companies want their employees to settle-in quickly so they can concentrate on their new responsibilities and have the chance to become productive as fast as possible. However, concerns on the assignee’s side may put the success of a costly transfer at risk, including such things as uncertainty about finding a suitable home or school, fear of a foreign language and lifestyle, and dread of the immigration process.

A relocation company will handle all of the formalities and the organization of a new home and school, but a quality relocation company will alleviate the initial reservations through genuine interest and a deep understanding of the client’s needs and concerns, and will continue to provide “hands-on” intercultural advice when the client is confronted with day-to-day realities, such as presenting local idiosyncrasies in a positive (even humorous) way, providing cultural tips, and helping to build new contacts.

The numerous subjects and situations addressed during the relocation process allow our consultants to provide this subtle intercultural adaptation support. This is an integral part of CKRS’s overall service mission and the key to so many happy and successful relocations.

What makes us different?

  • A transparent pricing structure without
    any hidden costs
  • A multilingual staff and team of service consultants able to speak to our clients in their own language (including Chinese)
  • An exclusive, personalized client area on our website to provide our clients with access to tailor-made client documents and information
  • Web-based reporting, tailor-made status- and issue-tracking, and 24-hour emergency support services
  • Expert advice on all aspects related to relocation strategies and processes
  • On-going training of staff and consultants to ensure consistent top quality service standards
  • A large pool of resources allowing us to be flexible and ready to act at short notice
  • Regular client get-togethers designed to help facilitate a quicker integration and a new network of contacts and friends for our clients